A New Beginning

Hello world!

Welcome to the redesigned home of Skye Callahan.

So, what’s new?

Well, around here there’s a lot going on…

Since August, I’ve had a full-time job which obviously limits my writing and reading time, but the strange thing is I’ve been more productive since starting the job than I had been in a long time. Maybe it’s because I’m happy, and maybe it’s because I’m forced to be more organized. Whatever the reason, I have a lot on my plate. So, here’s a quick rundown of where my main projects stand.


I hit a huge snag while working on She-Devil. I hated itFortunately since taking some time away from it I finally know how to morph it into what I always wanted it to be and it’s nearly done. I hope to have the chance to hit publish by the end of the year.


Unbearable is a short story centering on Fiona and Ryan who you may know from Unbreakable and it will be available through the Just Breathe Anthology, launching October 15th.

Blaire’s World

If you haven’t heard, I’m writing a novel in Anita Gray’s world! This is the top project on my to do list right now and the books will start releasing early next year.



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Irrevocable Book 2

“Wowzers! Bend Don’t Break blew my mind…! This book is intense and I LOVED every minute of it…. Filled with action, adventure, drama, lies, secrets, betrayal and love…this book has it all!” – Kristin Elyon

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I thought I was done.
          my End
I couldn’t take my eyes off her as the bullet tore through me, leaving me with nothing but the hope that I had done enough to save her. The darkness tried to engulf me—to brand me as its own and drag me to my fate.
                    my Darkness
Waking to see her tear-stained face above me was enough to make my heart stutter. I was alive and free from that place—but not from the toll it had taken on my mind and body.
                              my Strength
My story should have ended, but one woman kept standing in the way of that. The only way I could have her was to find a way to put the darkness to rest.

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“A dark, sensual, and at times, twisted and chaotic read that messed with my mind so good. I will never get enough of Ms. Callahan’s writing style, of her beautifully damaged characters, and of her gripping story lines.”

Shayna Renee’s Spicy Reads

“I was skeptical about a whole book from James’ POV but … it is easily a whole other story.”

There’s This Book

“almost better than the first for me simply because we’re in James’s head the whole time….”

Carrie, Tattered Book Blog

“how much can two people take before they break….”

Pearls and Peacocks

“adds a necessary facet to his and Rose’s story… exemplifies his torment …solidifies the depths of his feelings for Rose…”

Fairest of all Book Reviews

“makes you look at certain aspects and situations of what happened in Irrevocable in a different light…. “

Bloggers from Down Under


Cherry, Naughty and Smutty Book Blog

“If you loved Irrevocable, this is a must read!”

Lucinda, Jezabell Girl and Friends

“this book is filled with every emotion…”

Angie, Wicked Reads Review Team

“his coming to terms with what he’d done at the retreat and the man he’d become because of it.”

Cariad, Sizzling Pages Romance Reviews

“Bend Don’t Break starts just after the raid happens. We don’t merely get a story though, we get James’s thoughts and feelings on everything that happened.”

Lorie, Sinfully Sexy Book Reviews

“Again, I am amazed.”

Everything Marie

“perfect mix of drama and suspense….focused on the emotional aftermath and criminal investigation.”

Cheri Kindle Crack

Sins of Ashville

Irrevocable (Irrevocable Duet 1)

Unbreakable (Irrevocable Duet 2)

Insurmountable (Irrevocable Novella)

Ignition (The Redline Series 1)

Torque (The Redline Series 2)

Brake (The Redline Series 3)

Exhaust (The Redline Series 4)

Clutch (The Redline Series 5)

Unbearable (Irrevocable Short Story)



The Redline Series

Skye SOA R6 The Redline Series s

“Explosive ride from start to finish. This journey was filled with broken- unforgettable characters, suspense, action, and angst.”

Di, Twisted Sisters

From the bestselling author of Irrevocable comes an adrenaline-packed romantic suspense where two worlds collide in pain, pleasure, lust, and danger….

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I screwed up.
Indebted to a vile “businessman”, he offers one chance to pay back my debt, but only if I spend the next two years stripping in his club. Stripping. Catering to the most debauched men I can imagine.
          Until I meet Colt.
A man just as twisted. Just as dangerous. But once I willingly climb into his car, I know there’s no turning back. Now, I’m indebted to a car thief. And he has no intent of letting me forget our deal.
Once the fuse is ignited, I have no choice but to watch my world burn.

I prefer cars to people.
          Simple as that.
There’s nothing like the roar of a V8 engine, especially if I just stole it and I’m barreling down the highway past every oblivious cop in town. I need adrenaline. The rush. The never-ending pull. It’s the only thing that keeps me away from my other vice…
And then, I decided to bring a stripper home. Someone I can introduce to my love of pain. And even better, a pawn in my ultimate plan for revenge against my brother. Call me cliche. Call me petty. But once this plan is set into action. Ashville will never be the same.

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Dark and gritty, full of twists and turns! An extremely engrossing storyline. A must read series!!


So many ups and downs and twist and turns will make you see red at some of these characters. Excellent writing and a awesome storyline. 

Julie Jackson, SNSBAH

These characters just kept me pulled into their twisted webs of drugs, deceit, and anything else along the way.


This series is NOT for the faint of heart!


With characters you love to hate, just plain love and some you just plain hate, this book will keep you wondering what’s going to happen next.


This book is really quite dark in places and kept me on my toes all the way through, not really knowing which direction this story was going in. I love a dark read and this one totally nailed it. 

Corrine Pickering 

I love the unknown in those types of characters and Skye Callahan keeps me guessing at every turn.

Amazon Review

Such an incredible series… tore through it as I need to know how it ends yet am so sad that its over!? FABULOUS dark read & series!! 

Amazon Review