Irrevocable Duet

Sins of Ashville 1-3

“…psychologically disturbing and then uplifting struggle…” (Angie, Goodreads)

A dark and twisted erotic love story, paired with a suspenseful followup about healing. Plus a bonus novella from Miles & Alley and a short story featuring Fiona and Ryan!


Stripped of everything she knows–even her real name–Silver is forced to adapt, to obey, and to do anything she needs to do to survive.

The only way out was to bring them all down or die trying.

“Not only did Irrevocable gut me, it took me on a roller coaster ride full of emotions that I usually don’t experience while reading romances…. You start to hate, you start to sympathize, and you begin to fall in love in every way. Ms. Callahan has turned my world upside down with her writing. Dark, sensual, and at times overwhelming, Irrevocable will bring you on a dark journey that you will never forget.” (Shayna Renee’s Spicy Reads, TOP PICK of 2014!)

Bend Don’t Break

James is still reeling from the dark facade he was forced to adopt at “the retreat”, and before he and Rose can be together, he needs to find his own way to move on. 

My story should have ended, but one woman kept standing in the way of that. The only way I could have her was to find a way to put the darkness to rest.

“It makes you look at certain aspects and situations of … Irrevocable in a different light….” (Bloggers from Down Under)


A prequel spin-off to the Irrevocable Duet. When a slave with no future meets a man with no boundaries, will their heated encounter ignite their lonely hearts or send them down in flames?


How does one move on after years of being beaten down and assaulted at the hands of strangers? Unbearable is a short story featuring Fiona and Ryan focusing on her struggle with PTSD after being freed from life at the Retreat. 

Originally published in the Just Breathe Anthology.