Redline: Brake

Sins of Ashville 4.3

“The story is moving quickly, bringing us deeper into a dark, seedy, dangerous world.” (Reading Keeps Me Sane Book Blog)

From the bestselling author of Irrevocable comes an adrenaline-packed series where two worlds collide in pain, pleasure, lust, and danger…. 

Redline, Book 3

Dark. Cold.
My darkness faded into more darkness. I rolled to my side, the cold from the hard floor seeping through my thin clothes. I wanted to escape the cold, to escape the brutally uncomfortable surface beneath me, but small movements were all I could muster.
Where had he gone?
Only my most primitive functions worked. My adrenal gland pumped chemicals through my body, heating me with terror and the drive to flee, but the chemical-induced fog in my brain left me helpless.
Where am I?
I remembered my text conversation with Aiden.
Tank and Devlin appearing in Colt’s house.
Tank. Devlin.
My pulse thudded harder within the fragile confines of my body, but nothing else responded. I took some comfort in the fact that the thrumming in my chest meant I was still alive.
Colt’s last words came to me… Stay alive.
That was exactly what I wanted to do.
But that drive wouldn’t last long.

Warning!: If you’re looking for rainbows, butterflies, and happy endings coated in chocolate and caramel, turn back now! This story deals with dark themes and intense situations that aren’t suitable for sensitive readers. If you’re looking for an intense roller coaster of emotions and situations that will warp your sense of right and wrong and drag you through the debauched underworld of crime and deceit, then you’re in the right place.

This book was an adrenaline filled ride that had me on the edge of my seat!! I loved everything about it!

Amazon Reviewer

“These characters just kept me pulled into their twisted webs of drugs, deceit, and anything else along the way. I could keep reading them (hint hint).”


“Explosive ride from start to finish. This journey was filled with broken- unforgettable characters, suspense, action, and angst.”

Di, Twisted Sisters

“This book was so well written I could lose my self in it within seconds. The romance, though not my typical cup of tea was genuine all the same.”

Amazon Review

“It started off intense and kept on going. Never a dull moment and the characters were well thought out. It definitely led you on a ride.”

Amazon Review

“I thought a little too rough for me at the beginning but the characters had me hooked and I couldn’t put the book down. Intense bad guys. A look at the other side of the tracts that the author brought to life. Fast paced. Well written.”

Amazon Review

“Full of ups and downs, countless twists and turns, drama, tension, sex and loads of attitude, this book will grab you and not let go.”

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“In the beginning I thought Colt was ass and was going to stay that way. As series moves on you see a different side to him. Still an ass in someways. Suspense was killer.”

Amazon Review

“This series has everything I love, dark twists & turns with action filled with gritty drama that’s packed into a thrilling ride.”

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“Aubrey with her life that is total chaos and Colt with his addictive and sadistic ways. These two fight thorough hell to gain their freedom and get their lives back. So many ups and downs and twist and turns will make you see red at some of these characters.”

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“A dark romance between two complex and deeply flawed characters, filled with action, suspense, and sibling rivalry taken to the extreme. Fans of Pepper Winters will enjoy these books.”

Amazon Review

“A dark romance between two complex and deeply flawed characters, filled with action, suspense, and sibling rivalry taken to the extreme. Fans of Pepper Winters will enjoy these books.”

Amazon Review

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