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Irrevocable Book 1

“Not only did Irrevocable gut me, it took me on a roller coaster ride full of emotions that I usually don’t experience while reading romances…. You start to hate, you start to sympathize, and you begin to fall in love in every way. Ms. Callahan has turned my world upside down with her writing. Dark, sensual, and at times overwhelming, Irrevocable will bring you on a dark journey that you will never forget.”
Shayna Renee’s Spicy Reads, TOP PICK of 2014

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Sometimes when you can’t go back, the only way out is to descend into the darkness.
          my Captor
When I woke in that place, I just wanted to survive. But survival came at a cost, for which they demanded my will and body.
                    my Master
With pain came acceptance. Fully-dependent on the man who claimed me, I learned to appreciate what I had-life and relative safety.
                              my Protector
I watched him spill blood and tend my injuries. With betrayal came a revelation.
The only way out was to bring them all down or die trying.

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I need more stars – holy shit this is fantastic!!


Irrevocable. Its not just a book, its an experience – a revolution in dark romance. What are you waiting for? Take the next step.

Cassia Brightmore

Wow..what a dark and intense book. 

Kindle Crack Book Reviews Cheri

These scenes are so vividly written. I was disturbed, grossed out, horrified, just plain shocked.

USA Today Bestselling Author, Gemma James

This book was absolutely brilliant! Dark, intense, ugly and HAWT. 

Shera Layn ~ Book Lovers Obsession 

Finally a good DARK read, that has it ALL!! 

Shelby Wicked Reads

Skye Callahan did a brilliant job of reeling you in to her story and keeping you there until the last page. 

Tiffany Readz 

This book will play on your emotions. 

Alissa Evanson- A is for Alpha B is for Books 

This is not a story for the faint of heart. Its ugly, twisted, and dark. But beneath that darkness is a beautiful story of survival and self discovery. 

Sweet and Spicy Books

This story may be about Silver’s initiation into the horrific world of sex slavery but it is also a journey of strength, trust and losing yourself to survive in the hopes of finding yourself again….

Amie Morgado- We Stole Your Book Boyfriend

Dark, Sexy, Disturbing, Intriguing…the list could just keep going because I don’t truly know how to describe Irrevocable.

My Secret Book Spot 

It takes a tremendous amount of talent for an author to write a character you want to hate and should hate but find yourself comforted by this character and by the end you are in love. 


The sex scenes are jaw droppingly awesome and dark erotica hasn’t seen anything like it, in my humble opinion.

C.P. Mandara

The details will have you feeling, tasting, drawing within yourself and yet you won’t be able to walk away until you get to the last page. I was confused, crying, praying and hopeful as I read this book. You go into survival mode along with the characters. 

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