“And what is it you think I need?”

“And what is it you think I need?” he asks casually, handing the dog a slice of cheese that makes my mouth water again. 

“Leverage… information…” 

“To get what?” he asks.

“How the hell am I supposed to know?” Yelling aggravates that damn spot between my shoulder blades again. We haven’t hit excruciating yet, but it’s getting there. 

Galeno puts the sandwich down, making a sound to Rafe so he immediately sits and waits. Then, he picks up the bag next to his feet, pulling out a bottle of water and something wrapped up in a napkin. He unfolds it in his hand and offers me the two white pills again, sitting the water bottle next to my hip. “I assure you, I have no need for whatever you learned on your exploits for Jorge.” 

The twinge in my back causes me to wince. Jorge? Who doesn’t fucking know who I am?

“And if I needed leverage, I could find less exhausting ways to get it.” 

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