Darkness Bound 2

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The team may have severed Kaylyn’s connection with the entity at the Teague Hotel for the time being, but their lives are left in shambles.

Jonah is forced to take medical leave.

Cole’s relationship with her fiancé is crumbling under the weight of her paranormal career choice.

And Kaylyn’s lingering connection to the other side—particularly Jonah’s dead mother—leaves her with far more questions than she has time to deal with.

But the paranormal doesn’t take a vacation, and the team is thrown into a whole new investigation when an unseen force threatens a local family in their own home. When their first night in the home turns up nothing, Kaylyn discovers that her mysterious connection to the other side might be the only way to find answers—if only she can find a way to explain her “hunches” to the rest of the team.

But communication from beyond the divide isn’t always what it seems, adding a whole new layer of mystery and confusion as the sisters try to decipher which threats are deadly and which are simply unanswered pleas for attention.