Sins of Ashville 3

“This novella is another reason why I love Skye Callahan. Her dark romances always captivate me. Her writing, the characters, the overall storyline. Definitely a recommendation for all who love the darker side of romance!”


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They took my life and freedom at the age of sixteen.

   my prison

I live in their walks by their rules with the false and deluded hope that one day things will be different. That one day I’ll no longer be merely an object of their perverse fantasies. But deep in my heart I know there is only one end to my nightmare–death. Until him…

       my Master

Some call my home paradise, others know it as hell but it’s the only life I’ve ever known.

    My legacy       

At the age of ten, I saw my mother’s dead body carried out if our room. The organization became my family, molding and shaking me in their image, but I never forgot the lesson my mother taught me. I only live by their rules to get what I want in return… Her.

       My Little Dove

“Two people finding solace and peace in the darkest of places…” ~Sasha, Goodreads
“✯✯5 Sizzling Hot Stars!!!✯✯” ~Stefanie, Goodreads
“…couldn’t put it down…” ~Patricia, Goodreads
“Great short read.” ~Denise, Goodreads
“…wonderful novella telling us the story of how they got together before Irrevocable started…” ~Laruocco
“Very good short dark read!’ ~Stephanie Daley

Fun Extras!

“Fantasy Cast
If you’re interested in how I see my characters, here are some of my fantasy cast selections. They aren’t spot-on in their appearance but close to how I visualize them. Click on the cast member to see a picture.  
Sienna Miller as Alley
David Ramsey as Miles
I’ll be adding more as I find close candidates for characters. “

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She Is Love by 3 Doors Down
Broken by Seether, Amy Lee
Lover by Alter Bridge
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My Demons by Lacuna Coil
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