Sins of Ashville 5

Can be read as a standalone. 

Get read for a twisted and dark romantic suspense in the MC world. If you’re looking for a raw, dark MC romance with mean guys and everything in between you will love this high intensity book! 


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Whatever you do, never, ever blow your cover in front of a devil….

I traded my dress shoes for leather boots, my badge for a hog, and my friends for the club. It’s supposed to be temporary, but if I don’t live, breathe, and bleed Devil’s Pointe MC for even a second, it’ll all be over.

But one little distraction may prove more powerful than the entire club.

One day, they’ll call me Lilith and bow at my feet….

Like a weed, I thrive where I’m not supposed to. I stand tall despite my infertile upbringing and the surrounding hostiles who threaten me every day. No, “despite” isn’t entirely correct, I do it all to spite them.

Mark my words, I’ll prove who’s tougher and who’s the Devil in this narrative.

I’m a She-Devil and I intend to show them all what it really means to be a Devil.

A top 30 bestselling romance on iTunes and Kobo.

Looking for your next MC read? Well, it’s right here! Callahan nails it again-gritty, fast paced, what’s going to happen next, I can’t believe they did that, page turner. Brooke and Trent have a killer chemistry and their circumstances just pull you in. ~Amazon Review

We’re finally back to the Sins of Ashville Series with She-Devil. Brooke is the club treasurer at the Devil’s of Ashville MC. She worked hard to be taken seriously there as a woman and wants revenge on the MC for all they have done to her. When her father, the President, invites a a new prospect named Trent to go on a run with them, Brooke is suspicious. What is he hiding and who is he really? Get read for a twisted and dark romantic suspense in the MC world. If your looking for a raw, dark MC romance with mean guys and everything in between you will love this high intensity book! Brooke and Trent are perfection together. There might be triggers for some so be warned. This is an interconnected series but can be read as a stand-alone. ~MissPetiteBrunette

It is action, mystery, thriller on top of a romance. This book is interconnected with the previous books but they don’t have to be read first. If you are looking for a sweet romance, this definitely is not the book for you but if you are not easily offended, this story is great. ~Bookbub Review @rildebb1

Brooke and Trent’s story is a fast-paced, crazy suspenseful and intense hot chemistry story!!! The story is dark, raw and intense but you won’t be disappointed. ~Bookbub Review @joannf57

Fun Extras!

If you’re interested in how I see my characters, here are some of my fantasy cast selections. They aren’t spot-on in their appearance but close to how I visualize them. Click on the cast member to see a picture.  

David Beckham as Trent Davis

Gal Gadot as Brooke Covey

Rudy Fernandez as James Carter

Peyton List as Rose/Silver

Lisa Marcos as Libby

I’ll be adding more as I find close candidates for characters.

Spotify: She-Devil

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Mayhem by Halestorm
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Love-Hate-Sex-Pain by Godsmack
A Girl Like You by Edwyn Collins
Devils Got a Hold on Me by El Grande
This Venom by Disturbed
Devil Devil by MILCK
Unsteady by X Ambassadors
A Little Wicked by Valerie Broussard
Call Me Devil by Friends in Tokyo
DEVIL by Shinedown
MONSTERS by Shinedown
Apocalyptic by Halestorm
Raise Hell by Dorothy
Whore by In This Moment
Horns by Bryce Fox
Watch Me by The Phantoms
Won’t Go Down Easy by JAXSON GAMBLE
Don’t Stop the Devil by Dead Posey
Can’t Stop Me Now by Oh The Larceny
Fight For My Survival by The Phantoms

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