A Sports Romance Novella

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In the dance world, one fall is all it takes to end a career. After the fall that fractured Londyn’s back, it seems that no part of her life is safe from falling. 
First her career. 
Then her husband–for countless other women. 
With a life that’s crumbling around her, Londyn locks away her secrets long enough to attend her best friend’s engagement party. But a weekend away brings more complications. 

Being a player requires determination and balance–two aspects that Declan applies to life on and off the football field. As a star NFL Tight End, he gets everything and everyone he wants. Except the one he has his eye on now… 
The one who got away. 
So many times. 
He shouldn’t be thinking about hooking up during his sister’s engagement party, but the clock is running out and this game is going to be Tight. 

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This book may contain explicit sexual content and foul language. For more information on potentially sensitive topics, see the list below.


This book contains scenes that may depict, mention, or discuss: cheating, explicit sexual content.

Previously published in the Alphas of Sin Anthology.