Character Profile: Brooke Covey

Main Character: She-Devil

Hair: black with an undercut on the right side

Eyes: Honey Brown

Age at first appearance: 26

Height: 5’6″

Fantasy Inspiration: Gal Gadot

Residence: Ashville Point, OH

Residence: Lives in a small apartment above the bar she manages, The Pit. The building used to be an opera house before the Devils of Ashville moved in and turned it into their hangout. Brooke’s older brother converted one of the upstairs storage areas into an apartment. Brooke moved in with him when she was 16 and continues to live there after his death. 

Employment: Brooke is the Treasurer for the DOA MC and runs The Pit. She manages all financial dealings above and below the table and uses the payroll and business accounts for the bar to launder club money. 

Parents: Father, Sawyer Covey, is President of DOA MC and crafted it into the club that exists today. Brooke’s mother killed herself when Brooke was fourteen years old, and Brooke discovered the body in a pool of blood. 

Siblings: Her brother, Dixon Covey joined the club when he was eighteen and served as Sergent-at-Arms for two years prior to being stripped of his cut three years ago. Shortly after Sawyer kicked him out of the club, Dixon died in a motorcycle accident.

Affiliations: Treasurer, Devils of Ashville Motorcycle Club

Characteristics: Brooke is rebellious and stubborn, but she was raised in an environment where she had little control over her future and lacked a proper childhood. After years of abuse, she is determined to gain control over her own life and get justice for everything the club–especially Sawyer–put her through. She blames Sawyer for her mother’s suicide and suspects he had something to do with Dixon’s accident. Although her situation has left her resentful, she put the skills she learned along the way to use, pursuing any opportunity to gain the upper hand. She is resourceful and independent. 

Style & Identifying Features: Brooke never goes out without makeup, usually to cover the bruises from her constant altercations with other members of the club. Whereas they can wear their injuries as a badge of honor, anything that makes her look weak is interpreted as an opportunity to question her status. She usually wears thick black eyeliner, and deep beige or red lipstick. She has numerous tattoos, using ink as a form of therapy: black flowers on her right collarbone with thorny stems curling around her bicep down to the Devils of Ashville insignia. A demon tattoo wraps around her back and ribs, reaching out with one claw up her sternum to pierce her heart. 

Deleted Scene

Deleted and bonus scenes may contain spoilers. 

For Brooke’s sixteenth birthday, Sawyer handed her over to the club for a free-for-all “train.” This is a snippet from the aftermath….

I kept all the lights out but turned on the TV, curling up in the living room when I couldn’t stand to be deafened by my own thoughts anymore.

After hours inched by, and the dim light under the curtains was replaced with darkness, I heard the door lock click and sunk into the cushions.

“Brooke?” Dix whispered into the darkness.

“Yeah,” I breathed.

I stayed buried in my blankets until he stood over the back of the couch, stripping off his coat. I grabbed it immediately.

His eyes lowered from the TV to my head and then widened when he saw my shaved head. “What did you do?”

I shrugged. “Maybe they won’t want me anymore.”

He sighed and squeezed my shoulder, craning his neck back to stare up at the ceiling.

“Can I live with you?” I asked without thinking.

But his response seemed to require even less thought. “Yeah.”

He sat next to me, letting me curl up against him. After several long, quiet moments, I lifted my head.

“I want to be a Devil,” I said.

The light from the TV flickered across Dix’s face as he tried to study mine. “What?”

The quiet insanity had finally gotten to me and I reached for the only exit door I could find. “I want to be a Devil. My own leather. My own bike. I’m as good as any of them.”


“I’m going to break the boys club.” My voice was calm as death.

Dix looked more worried than shocked. “That’s a dangerous proposition.”

“Dix—” I prepared to fight. Like hell even he would talk me out of it.

“I know.” He took a long breath, pulling me back against his side. “First, we’ll have to get you a bike.”


“I know better than to try talking you out of it.” Then he added in a whisper, “They shouldn’t get away with what they did to you.”

“And one day, when they least expect it, I’m going to make them all pay.” Especially Sawyer.

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