Character Profile: Eric Finley

Main Character: Entrust, Trust Fall

Hair: dark brown, a bit messy on top

Eyes: Hazel

Age at first appearance: 32

Height: 6’2″

Residence: He just moved back to Morrow Falls where he’s temporarily living in one of his parents’ rental houses with his nephew, Charlie. 

Education: BS in Information Technology, NROTC

Employment: Left the Navy when his sister and brother-in-law were killed in a car accident to care for his six-year-old nephew. His last position was at Crane Division Naval Base as an Information Technology Officer. 

Parents: Father, Daniel, retired county engineer. Mother, Vivian, is an extrovert with a reputation for gossiping with her friends. Eric and his parents have butted heads over his open participation in the BDSM lifestyle and support of Club Obsidian. 

Affiliations: Elite member of Club Obsidian

Siblings: Sister, Ashley, married Gerald Grove seven years ago and had a six-year-old son. 

Characteristics: Eric struggled to reconcile his control issues early in life, but when Cade introduced him to BDSM, he finally understood the kind of control he truly craved. He’s been involved in the lifestyle for more than ten years, but has rarely pursued a serious relationship outside of the club. He is strong-headed and determined to live every part of his life on his own terms which has caused friction with his family over the years because of their concern with public perception and his to-hell-with-it attitude. Despite his lack of long-term relationships, he cares deeply about those around him and remains in contact with many of his former submissives. He is an attentive Dom who thinks carefully about each aspect of a scene and his submissive’s reactions throughout. 

Bonus Scene

Eric’s POV when he and Lena first meet….

In one week, I’d buried my sister and moved across two state lines back to my hometown to raise her son. Friday night, I drove into town, my car filled with boxes and suitcases, and went straight to Diggers Sports Bar where I was supposed to meet up with a friend before picking up Charlie in the morning. Unfortunately, Cade, the bar’s owner, had to take over bartending duty at the last minute when two of his servers called off. It was game night, and the local sports bar was packed, but I spotted one empty seat near the end of the bar and headed straight for it.

A lone blonde sat at the end of the bar, staring down at her drink. She straightened her back when I ordered my drink, but kept her gaze focused on her glass. I didn’t pay much attention at first, more concerned with getting that first drink in me and quieting the roar in my head. Cade sat a tall Smithwicks in front of me and headed back to the other side of the bar. I tried to lose myself in the noise, the drink, the game blaring on the TV at the end of the bar, anything to distract me from the reason I’d moved back home.

As I lowered my glass, I noticed her straighten again. This time, her cheeks flushed, and the pale pink seemed to highlight her bright green eyes. Her wavy blonde hair fell mid-way down her back.

“You hang out here often?” I asked.

She shifted in her seat and tightened her grip on the glass in front of her. “That all you got for an opening line?”

“I’m rusty.”  I took another drink, unable to look away from her.

“Rusty, huh? Fitting name.” Her words were confident, but her eyes betrayed her.

Somehow all of the thoughts that had weighed on me for days faded into the background with the sounds of the bar. Only one thought remained, I had to know this woman’s name.

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