Character Profile: Kaylyn Anderson

Main Character: Darkness Bound Series

Birth name: Kaylyn Shelby Anderson

Hair: long, chestnut brown

Eyes: Dark brown

Age at first appearance: 24

Height: 5’4″

Residence: A single bedroom house on the outskirts of Chatham

Vehicle: Red ’68 Chevelle named Chelle

Education: BA in History from Chatham University

Employment: Aicil Foundation for Research, Chatham Office


Siblings: Cole Anderson is her only sister. Although Cole is younger, she tends to be the more organized and level-headed member of the duo.

Characteristics: Turbulent ENTP

Kaylyn is strong-willed and puts on a confident front, keeping most people at arm’s length. She’s notorious for her history of casual relationships which have often interfered with other parts of her life. She struggles to connect with people and events on an emotional level, and often avoids acknowledging her problems.

Although she sometimes comes off as flippant, she takes her work for Aicil very seriously. She has always had a deep interest in the paranormal, and being able to investigate it professionally is a dream come true. Due in part to her background in history and research, she can often uncover documents and minute details that others would miss.

Pet: Frank, a red corn snake

Q&A with Kaylyn

What is your occupation?

Are you even cleared to know about this? Ah well, it’s not like you’ll believe me any other way. I work for the Aicil Foundation, and generally speaking, I research the history of Chatham, Oh–the weird, occult, hearing screaming in the forest when there’s really no one there kind of history. Then, I figure out why, or if, it’s still happening and we try to put a stop to it. I talked my sister into joining up with me, which has its ups and downs, but obviously I need someone to temper my lack of tact on a regular basis.

Do you tend to argue with people, or avoid conflict?

Haven’t you met me? I couldn’t avoid conflict if I were the only person on a deserted island on Jupiter. Actually, I think I’d find even more conflict in that situation because then I’d only have myself to argue with and the only person I disagree with more than Jonah is myself.

How do you deal with pain?

I don’t and that’s 99.9% of my problem. I just pretend it doesn’t exist until I explode on the next innocent bystander… or my boss. These days, it’s usually my boss, but that’s what he gets for being an arrogant–never mind, let’s not talk about Jonah.

What smells do you associate with your childhood?

Banana pudding! We used to fix it for every family get together. Cole and I would layer the cookies, bananas and pudding, but them Mom would ruin it by adding meringue.

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