Character Profile: Libby Thorne

Main Character: Irreverent

Minor Character: Unbreakable, Redline

Hair: long, naturally dark brown, but she changes her hair color regularly

Eyes: Honey Brown

Age at first appearance: 32

Height: 5’5″

Residence: Libby lives in a small cottage-style house on the outer city limits of Ashville. 

Education: BS in Justice Studies

Employment: Appointed to serve as Interim Police Chief, Ashville PD when when Captain Richards was found to be cooperating with a crime ring to pay for medical care for his wife. 

Parents: Father, Luis, was a security guard and mother, Carla, worked in a daycare center. Libby’s paternal grandfather was from Saltilo, Mexico.

Siblings: No siblings. 

Past Relationships: She and Trent Davis engaged in an on again/off again friends with benefits arrangement for a while. Afterward, she was engaged to a lawyer for a short time, but her increased responsibilities at the police department and his hectic case schedule ultimately led them to break things off. 

Characteristics: Libby is a force to be reckoned with. Her never-back-down attitude and flair for strategic negotiation made her a critical member of the Ashville PD administration and a respected liaison for the officers she serves with. 

Signature Drink: Blackberry Whiskey Lemonade

Bonus Scene

Warning, Bonus Scene may contain spoilers.

Libby gets the news…

“You did what?” I’m sure I must be having a stroke because I certainly didn’t hear him correctly. 

“We eloped.” 

“Trent. Davis. Mr. I-don’t-fall-in-love marriage-is-a-joke perpetual-man-whore, you eloped?” When he’d said there was something he needed to discuss before he went to HR, marriage was not on my radar. Usually that little introduction meant he expected me to play negotiator and get him out of trouble.

He drops into the chair across from my desk and holds up his left hand, displaying the band of bright gold that stands out against his tattooed fingers. “I thought she’d appreciate a new name for her birthday.” 

“You couldn’t go with chocolates or a new motorcycle. Something normal?” 

He stretches out, leaning his arm over the back of the chair. “When have you ever known me to be normal, Lib?”

I sigh. It’s not just that this is out of the ordinary for him. Before I got engaged, Trent had been my go-to. Mechanic, recipient of my venting, and roll-in-the-sack go-to. Of course, that whole arrangement went off the table when I became his boss. Then, I got engaged and three weeks ago, unengaged. Where Trent now wears a shiny ring, I wear a pale line where my engagement ring sat for thirteen months. I’m not bitter, just annoyed that the most cavalier man I’ve ever known beat me to the alter. Although, I doubt there was an actual alter involved. 

“Jackass,” I mumble. 

“What?” Trent chuckles. 

“You’re not supposed to be the one to show me up. James, fine. They’ve been engaged for over a year, but you? I still get the distinct impression you’re fucking with me.”

He cocks his head. “The department hears you talking like that and you might get demoted.” 

“Yeah, and you’d be the one to suffer for it. When are you going to cut that mop of hair?” 

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