Character Profile: Riker Cavell

Main Character: Irreverent

Hair: black, high and tight, thick beard that frames his strong jaw

Eyes: Grey marble

Age at first appearance: 36

Height: 6’3″

Car: Black ’68 Mustang Fastback with gunmetal racing stripes.

Employment: Cole Security. Riker left the Navy SEALs after sustaining an injury to his left shoulder which left him with significant nerve damage. When he left the Navy, he felt like he’d lost the only family he had left.

Parents: Riker had a difficult childhood and avoids talking about his family.

Family: Riker has a seven-year-old daughter named Kinsley who now lives in Maine with her mother, Harper, and her step-father. Harper left Riker four years ago when she couldn’t deal with the constant uncertainty of his life as a SEAL and the constant separation from her family in Maine. She moved back to Maine where she met and married Vincent two years ago. Despite the divorce, Riker has maintained a relationship with Kinsley and attended Harper’s wedding.  

Characteristics: Riker is highly respected for being quick-thinking and dependable among those who know him, but he often comes across as cocky and impulsive to others. Considering himself a man of action and not words, he sometimes becomes flippant when asked to explain himself or his motivations. He is extremely head-strong and doesn’t often compromise. While he cares deeply for others, especially his daughter, he finds it difficult to maintain personal connections and relies on his wit to deflect from serious issues. 

Identifying marks: Riker has scarring on his left shoulder down to his elbow. A frog skeleton tattoo on the underside of his right arm surrounded by tribal markings that extend around his arm; a tribal phoenix tattoo on his left calf; and a tattoo on his thigh with Kinsley’s name, DOB and footprints. 

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