Books: Obsidian Series

First Appearance: Trust Fall

Location: Near Morrow Falls, Ohio (fictionalized town)

Owner: Adrienne Lockley

Mission Statement: The Mission of Club Obsidian is to be a social organization and education resource for all who practice bondage, discipline, domination, submission, sadism, masochism, and fetish lifestyles in the Morrow Falls area. The Club encourages fellowship, mentoring, and safe practices among members. Participation in all activities is strictly voluntary and should be agreed upon by all parties involved.

The club is located in a former warehouse. The massive brick structure was redesigned by Adrienne and her husband’s construction company handled all of the major remodeling. Upon entering the building members and visitors will be greeted in the security room. All members must provide the security guards with their membership ID for verification, prior to admittance. Non-members may pick up a application packet for membership consideration. Non-member visitors are not allowed except for specified educational events open to the public.

The main area includes an open lower tier, bar, six partitioned play areas, and provides access to the dressing rooms, Adrienne’s loft office, and a stairway to the private play rooms above. Just to the right of the entryway, the bar provides snacks and beverages to members, all alcoholic beverages are limited to two per member, and a membership ID must be scanned with each order. Water is also available freely to all members. There is plenty of seating around the bar area for socializing during events.

To the left of the main entrance, members will find the changing rooms with assigned lockers to store all personal belongings. Members are issued a key with their Membership card.

The larger public equipment is available in the lower tier, which is framed by black seating along the back corner. Some of the equipment found here includes bondage benches and frames, bondage couches, spanking horses, and a Saint Andres’s Cross,

The partitioned rooms along the left wall and back of the building each include specialty equipment for medical play, whipping, sex swings, stockades, cages, and more! These rooms are designed for those who want a little more privacy or fewer distractions during a scene while leaving room for a few voyeurs.

Members can utilize the eight private rooms upstairs by visiting the bartender and having access enabled on their membership ID. Two of these rooms include a bedroom setup, while others allow members to utilize many of the specialty furniture available downstairs in a private setting.

The entire club is monitored by DMs at all times while play is in session. DMs can be identified by the red badges they wear while on duty. Any problems, concerns, or conflicts can be handled by the DMs, and they will always step in if someone’s safety is at risk.

Membership at Club Obsidian is strictly confidential. Anyone found to be violating another member in any way, including their personal privacy, will be barred from club activities. The security guards who work at the front door are independent from the club, but are bound by the same confidentiality agreement as members.

Club Obsidian 1

“I really love the way the couple grew and accepted each other even with their past and shortcomings. They complemented each other perfectly.” 


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