Friday Fives: Anime

I thought it would be fun, now that I have my blog up and running, to share some of my favorite things. Every week, I’ll be back with a new top 5 list with everything from books to snacks. 

Today, I’m sharing some of my most prized autographs. 


Noragami means “stray god” and follows the efforts of minor god Yato as he seeks to gain fame and get his own shrine. Yato’s kind of lazy and sometimes an asshole, but in a completely lovable way. In the first episode, a human girls tries to save him from being run over by a bus, which leaves with an odd condition where her soul randomly separates form her body. It’s wild and crazy and generally hilarious, so I’ve had it on repeat several times over the last couple of months. It’s great subbed or dubbed, so I’d recommend checking out either version. 

Blue Exorcist

This series has popped up in my recommendations several times, but for some reason I was hesitant to give it a try. I’m so glad I finally did! Rin Okumura and his twin brother were both raised in a monastery with no idea who their real parents are. Rin is a wild child, and one day, he gets into a fight and learns that he’s actually the son of Satin himself and has inherited his father’s powers. Intent on killing his father, Rin joins his brother in following in their adopted father’s footsteps to become an exorcist. The series, while often light-hearted, has its darker moments as Rin grapples with his identity, harnessing his powers, and coming of age as a half-demon. There are two Blue Exorcist series, the second Blue Exorcist: Kyoto Saga actually goes back and negates the ending of the first to follow the manga more closely, so it’s a bit jarring at first, but I thoroughly enjoyed it all. 

High School of the Dead

There are zombies! Mixed with the traditional Japanese anime humor and grit as a bunch of high schoolers try to survive the zombie apocalypse. To me it has a bit of a darker Shawn of the Dead feel mixed with Biozombie (a Chinese zombie horror comedy that is classic in my book). 

Vampire Knight

This seems to be where my current anime binge started. Somehow I went form zombie movies to this series and its awesome!! Until the end, which left me a little flummoxed. Yuki is a student at a school that doubles as a traditional high school during the day and a kind of college for vampires at night. As a young girl, she was saved by a vampire named Kaname who happens to be vampire nobility, and through the series she struggles with her affection for him and her fondness for classmate, Zero who was orphaned after his family, vampire hunters, was killed by a vampire. I really enjoyed the love triangle through the first season and the tension between the characters. 

In Another World With My Smartphone

Sir loves isekai (a genre that revolves around normal people being transported to, reborn or trapped in a parallel universe or fantasy world) and got me hooked on this one. This one revolves around a teen boy who was accidentally killed by God, so to make up for it God sends him to a new world with a ton of magic powers and allows him to keep his smartphone and most of its capabilities. As he ventures around this new world, he quickly becomes a powerful hero, taking on quests throughout the land, and collecting an impressive group of allies (ahem, his harem). Overall, it’s a light-hearted and humorous story, and I’m still angry at Sir for not warning me that the next season hasn’t come out yet. 

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