Friday Fives: Favorite Autographs

I thought it would be fun, now that I have my blog up and running, to share some of my favorite things. Every week, I’ll be back with a new top 5 list with everything from books to snacks. 

Today, I’m sharing some of my most prized autographs. 

Deborah Harkness

I read A Discovery of Witches during my final year of grad school. It was the first work of fiction I’d read voluntarily in years! And the first time I read it, I picked it apart like dissecting it was an assignment for one of my classes. But, I couldn’t get it out of my head and read it three more times by the end of the year. This was the book that inspired me to pick up my pen and start writing again. It was fantastic to meet Deborah Harkness and hear her speak on the series.

Bruce Campbell

Hail to the King, baby! I’ve met Bruce Campbell twice, and he’s always entertaining and good to his fans. The second time I met him, I was 19, and my 17-year-old sister and I drove four hours each way, by ourselves, to meet him. After I was up the entire night before with food poisoning. I’m really surprised our family agreed to the whole thing, but we had a blast!

Alan Alda

Oh, how I love thee. I’ve been watching M*A*S*H since I was baby. My family would put me in front of the TV while it was on and I’m told that every time Alan Alda appeared on screen I always reached out for him. Which was odd, because if anyone else tried to pick me up, or even look at me, I erupted into tears. I still watch M*A*S*H often, and I’ve collected all of Alan Alda’s memoirs and listen to his podcast.

Joe Bob Briggs

Heads will roll! Did anyone else grow up on MonsterVision on TNT? It was my weekly ritual and I discovered a lot of my favorite horror movies on the show. I particularly remember the Dusk to Dawn Friday the 13th Marathon that aired in 1998 when I gathered all of my siblings around the TV for an epic introduction to Jason. Which means I would have been about 14, and my youngest sibling was 7, so it’s probably a good thing it was edited for cable TV, but Joe Bob’s commentary through the marathon was a riot.

Corinne Michaels

Another of my author idols, this is one of my many signed books from Corinne Michaels. Consolation was the first book I read from her, and it was heart-gripping. I love how she can interject the right about of humor and realism into her stories. It feels like I can walk outside and run into one of the characters from her books. I also met Corinne back in 2014 in NYC and was so nervous, I’m surprised I could make words. Now, I’m participating in her Salvation Society World, and I’m so excited for everyone to see our characters collide.

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