Friday Fives: Favorite Bands

I thought it would be fun, now that I have my blog up and running, to share some of my favorite things. Every week, I’ll be back with a new top 5 list with everything from books to snacks. 

Today, I’m sharing some of my favorite bands!


Disturbed has been one of my absolute favorite bands since I heard Voices in high school. Fuse TV had just been added to our line-up, and I spent my days listening to music, particularly the metal or rock segments and thanks to that, I discovered Disturbed shortly before their second album came out. I love the complexity of their music, and damn, David Draiman has an awesome voice with quite a range himself. He pulls off everything from the rough, guttural sections, to the beautiful, sweeping ballads flawlessly. I’ve been to three Disturbed concerts and they’re equally as impressive on stage as they are on the radio. They really connected with the audience and created a great atmosphere at every performance. Plus, the messages behind their songs really resonated with me, particularly when the second album came out as I was struggling with my own religious beliefs. WE ARE DISTURBED. 


Lzzy Hale is just freakin’ phenomenal. I have a bunch of her covers on my playlist as well as her original music, and several of her songs, particularly, I Get Off and Do Not Disturb, are on my sex-scene writing playlist for some additional inspiration. I believe I discovered her music while playing Rock Band, but I love her take-charge attitude and empowering message. I love blaring her music as I’m driving down the road and working out. It’s also fun to interrupt the country music on the jukebox and watch the horror and shock on the faces of people in a restaurant. 


Amy Lee is another strong female vocalist I adore. Ever since Bring Me To Life, I have enjoyed her mesh of classical sounds with modern rock. She has also had numerous songs that spoke to me on a personal level and got me through the rough teenage years into adulthood. One of my favorite tracks is Lacrymosa which takes her blended style to a whole new level with the beautiful instrumentals and choir. 

Buddy Holly and the Crickets

Did we just take a turn, or what? Buddy Holly was original and one of the prime influencers of the rock and roll movement. I had a tape of his music when I was a kid that I listened to on constant repeat, unable to get enough of his rock-a-billy style and unique vocals. I don’t even remember where the tape came from, but I now suspect I pilfered it from my grandpa. I grew up in a small town where country music was everywhere. At school, on the radio, on the TV. For a while, I thought that (and gospel) were the only music that existed, and I did have a huge poster of Billy Ray on my wall, but Buddy Holly combined the essences of country, blues, and gospel to create a unique and catchy sound. He was probably one of the instigators in my rock music rebellion. 


I started listening to Shinedown recently after finding a new local rock station on the radio. The first song I heard was Get Up and as someone who struggles with mental health, the song really became an inspiration for me to start each day. Their music is really catchy and tends to stick in my head all day. A few of my absolute favorites are Get Up, Monsters, How Did You Love, and State of My Head. 

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