Friday Fives: Favorite Writing Tools

I thought it would be fun, now that I have my blog up and running, to share some of my favorite things. Every week, I’ll be back with a new top 5 list with everything from books to snacks. 

Today, I’m sharing some of my favorite writing tools. 


I don’t usually write stories chronologically. I write scenes here and there as they come to me and then piece it all together as I work. Scrivener is the perfect tool for this because it allows me to work scene by scene and easily reorder them as necessary. It also has great plotting features and provides a section to keep notes and research within the project so I have everything in one place. Plus, I can easily compile my work as a .mobi and send it to my Kindle to proofread.

Give it a try.

Write or Die

I have version 2 of the software, and it seems the developer disappeared sometime in the midst of developing version 3, but it’s a great tool to keep me focused on getting words down and avoiding distractions. I prefer kamikaze mode which starts deleting letters after a long pause in typing. It’s brutal, but sometimes that’s what I need.

Give it a try. uses some mix of science and magic to improve focus. They have a great selection of music and ambient sound choices. It’s great for blocking out noise and distractions, but it goes a step further by stimulating neurons in your brain to create the perfect mental state for work.

Check it out.


I used to have collections of notes everywhere, a disorganized writing bible in One Note, spreadsheets, word documents, etc. but I’ve been using Airtable to organize all of my ideas and notes for a few months and it’s amazing! I can keep all of my character notes, images, and descriptions in one place and link between multiple spreadsheets. Best of all, you can set up an unlimited number of bases with up to 1,200 records in each for free!

Try it out.


Sometimes, I just can’t get the words to flow unless I’m writing by hand. I have dozens of journals in my office filled with stories and ideas, but I forget which journal has the notes I need and then I have to go through the trouble of typing everything up before putting it all together and editing. Now, that isn’t an issue because I can keep hundreds of notebooks on a single device and automatically convert my handwriting to text and email it to myself. The conversion isn’t perfect, but it saves me a ton of work and stress on my wrists. 

Check it out.

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