Friday Fives: Video Games

I thought it would be fun, now that I have my blog up and running, to share some of my favorite things. Every week, I’ll be back with a new top 5 list with everything from books to snacks. 

I rarely pick up a game controller anymore, but when I do (or maybe because when I do) I tend to get so immersed I don’t put it down for days. I also tend to play a lot of older games and don’t really keep up to date on systems. I’ve had a PS3 since I was an undergrad and it’s not going anywhere in the near future. I love that you can go to the online store and get a lot of the older games on the new system, and I also have a PlayStation Vita that has been great for downloading and playing older games. 

Metal Gear

Metal Gear for PSOne was my favorite game. At the time, it had some of the most advanced graphics and gameplay I had ever experienced and it was unique in its gaming style. There was one battle in particular where the tactic to beat the boss was to use controller 2 instead of controller 1 so the psychic boss couldn’t predict your moves. MG challenged players to think outside of the box. I also loved that the game was more about tactics than the usual shoot-em-up soldier games. MG is about not being seen, making it through the game with as few kills as possible, and finding creative ways to get around obstacles. I’ve played all of the games up to Metal Gear 4 and beaten them all multiple times. The best games of the series are probably 1, 3, and 4. After 4, the producers decided to replace the long-time voice actor of snake, without really telling him, and being that David Hayter made the whole snake experience for me, I felt betrayed by the move and haven’t picked up a new game since, but I still play all of the old games from time to time. 

Resident Evil

This was the first game I ever played on a PlayStation. Before Resident Evil, my gaming experience had been the Atari with PacMan, Asteroids, and I even had a copy of the illustrious ET game that sucked so bad the company basically dumped most of the games. And then, my mom got a PSOne and it was mind-blowing. The following Christmas I got my own PSOne and the Director’s Cut of Resident Evil (I didn’t live with my mom, so before that playing was limited to when I went to visit for a while). I think it took me a year to finally beat the game, because I kept ending up in situations where I couldn’t progress because I’d already used all of my weapons or I’d spend weeks trying to figure out one of the puzzles. The game came out in ’96 so I was in sixth grade at the time, and it went a little over my head sometimes. I also loved this game for the challenge of the puzzles, and the suspenseful atmosphere, and I miss that old style of RE games. I’ve tried to get into the newer games but the focus on shooting your way through the new games, just isn’t the same. 

Mass Effect

Sir got me interested in Mass Effect when he got the trilogy last year. I’ve watched him play the second game for a while now. He enjoys replaying to take different tactics and make different choices, but I never really connected with it. While I was home alone one day, I decided to try out ME1 and found that it’s actually pretty fun and less focused on shooting than I thought. There are a lot of choices you can make in the dialogues that lead to some pretty interesting conversations and impact the final outcome of the game–and all subsequent games. 

Crash Bandicoot

Crash was my jam! My sister and I used to play it for hours on end, and it’s a goo d break from monotony every now and then. Crash is just good entertainment, without a lot of seriousness. I have some of the retro games on PS4 and cue one up every now and then when I’m feeling like having a mental break. However, I also tend to underestimate and forget how frustrating the game can get sometimes. 

Evil Dead

It’s EVIL DEAD! I always feel like anything associated with Bruce Campbell goes without saying for me. He is the King after all. The Evil Dead games were fun. I particularly remember playing the first one for PSOne, I borrowed it form my mom after she tried numerous times to beat it and couldn’t. It’s snarky as hell, of course, but keeping enough gasoline for that damn chainsaw was a challenge. I think I had to restart the game three or four times in order to beat it because I kept running out of gasoline and ammo, making it impossible to continue. 

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