The Tuesday Update that is really a Thursday

i got nothingIt’s a Thursday that looks like a Tuesday because that’s just how days are now, and I can’t keep track of what I’m supposed to be doing when. 

Um, July… where has July gone? Where has half of a year gone? I can’t really think of anything of significance in my personal life this month. I stay in, drink iced coffee (which has been insanely hard to get a hold of, thank you pandemic), work, and hang with the cats. It’s too hot to go outside, but the garden seems to be enjoying the constant sun or thunder storms. 


My word counts have been abysmal since I’ve been refining She-Devil for the last few weeks, and I just have a few more transition scenes left to pull together the third act! I’m so excited that this story finally came together and will be ready for release next month. I’ll be sending it out to my first readers this week, eeeeep!

Next on the writing board will be Irreverent which I’ve been trying to plot out this month and Limey Bastard, which I have a general idea for and really need to hammer out what the hell is going to happen. 

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