Tuesday Update: August 4th

Hello August… you couldn’t hold off for just a little while?

At home with Skye

July feels nonexistent. Is it inevitable since all days are just bleeding together with the same craziness day after day? Or did my motivation take a holiday? Is this just the inevitable progression of seeing the same sights and doing the same things all day every day?

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I think I ended up with a Vitamin deficiency at the end of the month, and could barely bring myself to get out of bed. So… if you’re like me and not leaving your house much, take your Vitamin D! Do it, now!

A few days ago, the GM of Shudder tweeted about a new movie called Host, asking what people’s thoughts were. So, I thought I’d just pop on over and take a look. No regard to the fact that I was home alone, it was dark and rainy, and I live with a bunch of noisy cats.

I was wigging out so bad by the end of the movie, I started texting my sister. The entire movie is 56 minutes long! That’s it, because it takes place in a Zoom chat, and once it gets intense, it doesn’t stop for anything. Sir came home at the end of it and saw me jump at least three times and curse at the screen once. I never jump during horror movies. Ever. It just had me so anxious, there was no hope.

Then, I learned this brilliant group of creators put this entire movie together from start to premiere in 12 friggin weeks while in lockdown. It’s utterly ingenious especially considering the constraints they were working under. If you enjoy horror, I highly recommend you check it out and we can discuss theories. 😉

Skye’s desk

If you’ve read and reviewed Entrust or Trust Fall, thank you soooo much! I love these books and I’m so happy with the finished product. I’ll be returning to Club Obsidian sometime in 2021 because I have a few World books to finish up before then. 

I managed just over 20k words in July, which was way less than I wanted or needed. But, She-Devil is finished! It just needs some serious editing on the end and minor editing and proofreading throughout, which I’ll go back to after I finish the rough draft of Irreverent (which MUST be done in the next 2 weeks).

I’m behind where I really want/need to be, but still in a position to knock things out before big deadlines. I also have at least 3 editing assignments for others due this month If you don’t see me on social media much for the month, this is why!

There is a brand new quiz coming this week as well, so come back on the 6th to see how well you know Redline. 

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